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Are You Ready And Willing?

Is there something in your life your not happy about? Let’s face it, 9 out of 10 workers would say they could do with more freedom, whether it be more time with the kids, travelling around the world or spending precious time doing those hobbies you love!

We all have to trade our time for money if we want to live a decent life, but how much more can you give if it’s not giving you the desired outcomes you dream of!

I always dreamt of having being my own boss but had the traditional mindset that only well-educated, powerful or wealthy people could achieve and boy, was I wrong!

I am here sharing with you that same opportunity moment I had that changed my world because I believe we all have a choice on where we end up! The question is are you willing?

You see I was in the right place at the right time, with the right mindset when this challenge hit me. I could of questioned it for weeks, months but I was already one foot in the door because I knew that 9 hours, NINE hours! Trading my time for someone else’s comfort was not going to last much longer, I’m sorry but no mate! I was awake and ready and knew I had to take this chance staring me in the face.

I had no money to start a business, hell I didn’t even know what kind of business I wanted, so what was there to lose in seeing what these guys had to offer! Well I truly deep down believe the universe sent this right to me, because 2 months later I had an established website, and a goal set for my future.

It was scary of course but I was happy and grateful and that was what gave me the motivation I needed to become the best me I could be.

Do You Have Your Passions Set Out?

I don’t know about your plans for life! But if you have interests in say photography, retail, art, cars, gadgets helping others or teaching , whatever it could be our team at Six Figure Mentors, which is a successfully proven online digital marketing programme, will show you simple step by step on how you get started, right the way through your Entrepreneurial journey with all the support you need.

Sounds simple and it truly is. It’s only you that is stopping you from taking the next step. Ask yourself are you worth it? Where do you see yourself in the next 3 years? Could you imagine breaking free from the system by overcoming your fears and starting something you actually love?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying it’s going to be perfect, because we know life don’t play like that. How smoothly it goes? Depends on how much you want it, and know you are worthy of it. You won’t know until you try right!

If this gives you that feeling in your gut, that this could be for you, there is no harm in checking out the free video series I will be sending your way to check out for yourself. All you have to do is click the link lend us your email so we can send what could be the start of something new. If you are not satisfied, you can easily unsubscribe and continue your path.

Thank you for your time and please do message at the bottom of page if you need any questions answered. Take care.


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7 Tips For Meditation

We all have different ways of doing things in life, but for me meditation has to be of no thought what-so-ever, easier said than done right! But practice makes progress.

On a daily basis we tend to have thousands of random thoughts that enter our minds so you could imagine the exercise our brain gets without having no breaks. Even when sleeping our brains are still active while our body gets that reset it needs. So the only time your mind can get some rest is if you take a moment to let go and relax and I am going to give you a few tips on how you can do so….

1    Give Yourself Time.

Give yourself 20-30 mins of free time where you can’t be disturbed. This will make it easy to focus fully on yourself.


2    Sit Comfortably.

Make sure you can sit somewhere with your back straight either on the floor, on a chair or a bed as long as your spine is not bent. This helps you breathe freely.


3     Relax Muscles.

Once you find a comfortable posture, close eyes, then from the top of your head start to slowly relax the muscles from your face down to your feet. This is you surrendering to self.


4     Take No Thought.

This will get better the more you practice. Just stare into the darkness and try not to think of anything. If you see any shapes or blurs in your darkness, focus on them to distract you from wandering into thought.


5     Be Aware.

If you hear noises in the background or have an itch, just be aware of them and let them be. The more you focus these things will soon fade away from senses while you go deeper inside.


6    Notice Your Breathing.

Everyone’s breathing is different, when you are focused you will find your pattern. I tend to take slow deep breaths in through my nose and hold for as long as I can, then release out slowly through my nose. This too takes my mind off thought.


7    Keep Going.

It is not easy to focus in today’s chaos but you owe it to yourself, remember healthy mind, healthy lifestyle. If you find it hard at first do 5 mins and gradually build yourself up. The more you do the greater you feel and you deserve to feel amazing.


Thank you for your time and I truly hope these tips will help you in your practices. Please feel free to share this post and leave a reply if you have any questions I can help you with, stay peaceful.

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Leanne Grocott

Spiritual Business

What Is Spiritual Business?

A Spiritual Business can vary into all kinds of categories such as healing, holistic medicine, meditation, exercise etc!  My way is to inspire and guide people on their spiritual journey.  Having had experiences of awakening there can be so many gurus and mentors to teach you the way, but I believe the best teacher you can invest in is yourself which you will discover along your path.

Being spiritual gives you the advantage of learning how to use your mind to control the outcome of things whether it be physical or emotional, this is the law of perpetual transmutation of energy, where you use your thoughts to achieve the balance of a calm state of mind.

When we get the hang of controlling our energies, life becomes more easy to handle. Have you ever noticed when you are getting frustrated, things become more difficult!? But the moment you are relaxed and not bothered about the issue, is when it works out. Trying to thread a needle or playing candy crush were the ones I noticed most. The same principle goes when dealing with other situation so it is up to us to use our minds to balance it out.

Ways to help focus the mind

There are many ways to focus your mind through meditation, but we do have choices and this is the number one question! What do you choose?  We have a lot of decisions to make in this lifetime, this is why we have a conscious to decide what we do, and what we choose maps out our future for us.

These are some of the methods I used to get my mind in set before starting my business,

  • Give myself more thinking time to make a decision
  • Listen to my heart, not my brain
  • Let my emotions be, whether sad of happy be aware of your feelings
  • Being grateful for the little I had
  • Listening to calm 432 hz music
  • Think positive even when negative
  • Engage with my thoughts daily
  • Understanding who I am, getting to know me
  • Only live in the now, not thinking about the past or future/ needs practice

By applying these to my lifestyle it had trained my mind to think a lot differently than what I was programmed to believe. Life is now in my hands and I understand what I need to do to get things done.

I always thought having a business one had to be filthy rich and over intelligent! To my surprise I was neither and here I am sharing my voice with you. This was a choice I made and took action, law of cause and effect.

The Universal Law of Cause and Effect and its Impact on Your Life

I started Six Figure Mentors because it’s a spiritual based business platform where you can earn money by doing the things you love. I know these days you can just go out there and start up a website but if you are anything like me and know nothing about plug-ins or tracking, these mentors are what you are looking for with step by step guidance and a 24 hour technical team for support.

Are You Doing What You Love Doing?

What ever you are into, SFM has great starting opportunities from affiliate marketing to your own online shop, they are there to help you with the hard stuff while you focus on building your dreams because without each other this planet would fail. Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross, founders of Six Figure Mentors, built this multi million dollar platform to give people a chance to make it on their own and with the world in the digital field right now, what better way to connect and share with others your desires and passions.

If you have a passion that you would like to share, take a peak and see if the team has anything to offer you. Also feel free to email me below with any queries you may have.

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Awakened Entrepreneur

successful entrepreneur

Are You Awake And Want Freedom?

The thought of being awake and still in the system (matrix) haunts me, I never dreamed I could make it on my own but here I am to let you know you can escape to.

When somebody awakens in this world, they can’t help but get a feeling of not fitting in. Everything starts to seem odd and out-of-place, even the people around you, neighbours, friends and even family can become estranged. This is because you now see your reality from a spiritual sense and you become aware you are more than just a body and want to start connecting back to nature.

This happened to me when I was a hairdresser of 15 years working in a small family owned salon in Surrey UK, as you can imagine a hair stylist communicating all day everyday about daily life subjects, started to make me feel i could not be myself, just imagine ‘oh I now realise i am a divine light being from a different dimension and I feel I need to save the world‘ yeah, did not feel any way comfortable explaining that amongst all the other things I infused my head with trying to figure out what on earth is happening to me.

The great thing about the wide web is that you find out you are not the only one like you in this world, we are all different but we are all one and you then start to find the real you and discover your passions. For me my desire is to help others awaken to find their purpose in this world and start living a life of positivity and freedom. I created my blogging business Leanne Grocott Awareness to help people get what they want in life and guide them to the right place with the right mindset.

About Six Figure Mentors

Not having any type of IT skills I was super pleased to come across a supporting online digital business system team who help people set up their own platform step by step to become successful entrepreneurs, I had no clue what was in store but I could not believe how simple it was to create with help from professionals, as long as you’ve got the drive and passion to get yourself out there you too can create a dream life doing what you love.

SFM are not just a proven business marketing strategy but also teach the power of spiritualism and how the laws of the universe get you where you need to be with the right mindset, plus a 24 hour support technical team and trusting community that have your back along the way. I wish I knew this earlier but I learnt that there are no coincidences in life and timing is key.

 “Timing is everything,  if it’s meant to happen, it will, at the right time for the right reasons”

If you have a burning desire to start living a life of freedom, and need a stepping stone, you have nothing to lose by having a look at what’s to offer and have a reminder in your head of these things you would not miss!

  • Not having to worry about a 9-5 to keep on top of the bills
  • Never having time to do all the things you love
  • Not having someone to answer to
  • Not having to worry about those dreadful busy commutes
  • Not having to wait for someone to say you can go home now

Those are things I certainly am glad I don’t have to be a part of anymore and want others to experience that great feeling I am today and everyday all because i believe I can and so could you.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and feel free to check out what SFM can offer you, if you are interested and not sure, please leave a message and email below if you have further questions that I can help with or you can just go ahead and take that first step by signing up and look for yourself at no cost.

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Manifest a life you never thought possible!

cartoon image of girl

How To Manifest A New Life!

If you are anything like I use to be, daydreaming about this, that or the other but always had the same outcome in life, keep in tune so I can tell you how I managed to turn that around for myself, and give you the nudge to turn your visions into reality.

I started my journey on self-awareness march 2018, it was like a switch that went off in my mind, all of a sudden I started questioning everything, all that I knew became a blur which led me to re teach myself what life is about and honestly I can say there is no better teacher than yourself you just need to show up for class.

Patience is defiantly a virtue when it comes to learning anything, it is not easy when we live in a world today that is always on the go, it makes us feel we need to keep up the pace with all the latest upgrades every second, need to have this! need to do that! Arhhh when will this stop? The answer is it stops when you decide you don’t want to be a part of it no more.

When you stop and give yourself a breather your mind somehow works alongside you helping you to have a clearer thinking with your conscience. Through all the learning I began to listen to myself and understand we are designed in a way that we have the power to take control on what we do in our lives. Just imagine every decision you ever made has led you to where you are today by the choice of free will.

Along my path of self discovery I came across inspirational teachers such as Abraham Hicks and Wayne Dyer who talk on how to manifest anything into existence by changing the way you think. Now this was something that sounded too good to be true so of course i had to try it out for myself and to my surprise it had helped me to quit my 15 year job as a hair stylist and start my business with SFM to help others achieve their goals by giving them the boost we all need to take the next steps.

What Is Manifesting And How Does It Work

Take time to really think about what it is you really want from this life and then act on it when you are sure, it is not easy when you have a mind with so much clutter inside. I knew I had a lot of junk I needed to shift, mainly other people’s opinions is what stopped me doing a lot of things but when you start to take yourself seriously all that changes and the focus kicks in. I am a big believer in mind over matter because it has proved to me that our thoughts have control over what we do and remember nothing exists without being a thought first.

Simple Tips To Help You Start Manifesting 

  • Stop and think about you
  • Be patient
  • Be positive
  • Visualise what you want everyday for a few minutes
  • Believe you will follow through
  • Take action towards your goal
  • Have no doubts in mind
  • Know you deserve it

Whether it be a crush you have, a job you desire or a car you always wanted you can have it if you are setting your mind to get just that. Be your own inspiration and pass it on, here are a few success stories to help you believe anything is possible.

Law of Attraction Success Stories: Material Objects

I hope you enjoyed and got a little boost from this post,  feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.

Leanne Grocott

Get What You Deserve With The Right Mindset!

person feeling grateful

Starting anything in life is a challenge we all have to face, no matter what it is there’s a beginning. Imagine stepping out prepared, willing and ready to go? I am going to give you some insight knowledge and tips on how to step out in confidence.

Us humans have the tendency to either give up before trying or dive straight in totally unprepared. This is because we never take the time to get to know ourselves first! THIS IS THE KEY.

Knowing Thyself

Whether you feel it or not there is a shift happening on our planet, this shift is going to help us use our conscious mind more clearly. If you have not yet heard of Gregg Braden he will give you some information worth thinking about HERE

The thoughts we tend to entertain on the most are the ones driving our reality, everything is energy when good or bad! That’s why we have to be careful what we focus on most. Think of your conscious mind as a recording camera and your subconscious as your media file so it has stored up all of the information you have witnessed your entire life. Now with what your mind has learnt it will automatically run off what it knows and roll with it. Take for instant your fears, if you are scared of spiders but do not recall where it started from, your subconscious has all that info and sends warnings of alert because it remembers every detail.

cartoon image of a scared person

Fear has the power to hold us back on many opportunities without us realising it we just except it’s not for us and leave it, just a few examples

  • I’m not smart enough for that job
  • He/She is way out my league
  • My opinion is not going to solve anything
  • I don’t have the time for any of this

Our subconscious is designed to protect us from danger but these days we are driven by fear from every angle, by what we see on tv and media or what we read in the paper and online. This has created a huge barrier on what we trust ourselves with everyday.  This mini ARTICLE  gives you more detail on how fear takes a hold of us. 

With all this in mind, just think when it comes down to it, who is the one to make the decisions and choices? It is YOU, you are the driving force of how you see things so it is up to you to change the way you think. 

Tips For Changing Mindset

These awesome tricks will help change the way you live and are guaranteed to improve results. Do these simple mind exercises daily to become more aware of yourself. From the moment you wake up and through the day just say to your mind these things:

  1. I am happy and grateful 
  2. I love myself
  3. Life is beautiful
  4. I am not afraid of anything
  5. I believe in me
  6. I forgive myself 
  7. I forgive others 
  8. I am one with the universe

Even if you do not feel any of these things, the point is to retrain your subconscious with positive thoughts so that you free yourself from all the fear that has been built up over the years. Try it and notice the changes.

To have a healthy mind is important because it helps you to open many doors. It gives you the right confidence to handle situations like failure which is something we all must face at some point in our lives, but with understanding your self-worth you can take these things as a pinch of salt.

image of a reset mind

This is what has helped me to go ahead and start my own business with Six Figure Mentors to help other achieve their goals in life, and without having this insight I would have never thought I was capable of succeeding such independence. Coming from a career of 15 years as a hairdresser I thought that this was it for me. Dreams can come true just by having a positive mind and the belief that you can and will do it.

When you have set your mind to a positive state, you start to apply it to everything around you, what it did for me was……

  • Have an idea in my head where i see myself a year later = GOALS
  • Helped me to visualise and believe i will get there = MOTIVATION
  • Be patient = WAS MY MAIN DOWNFALL
  • Fearless and not afraid to fail = BALLSY
  • Start helping others to have the same results = INSPIRE

What will the right mindset help you achieve? Feel free to leave a comment and share this page with others.

I hope this helps you on your journey of becoming the best you can be.

Leanne Grocott