My motto in life has always been “Believe the Impossible”. Just because you have not seen or know a certain thing, does not make it untrue. We only believe and understand what we know!

Growing up with the simple things in life, I have always been grateful for the little I had. I guess I was lucky enough to grow up having to use my own imagination, without the distractions youths have today. I took time in questioning all sorts of things, not that i got the answers to many, but I enjoyed using that part of my mind because I could. The beauty of a child’s mind is that it is not scared to seek and wonder. The curiosity is infinite right up until the adolescent part kicks in. Now this is where the mind starts to get interesting.

It’s clear to say that unless one has a desired passion or goal in life, from an early age or a wealthy background, to point you in the right direction. We all of a sudden get stuck and confused about our purpose. What will I do? Why am I even here? Life sucks……. This for me was a whirlwind. I remember wanting to be everything from a lawyer because I loved the tv series Ally McBeal, to an architect because I loved to draw buildings. But having no interest whatsoever in starting the journey to get there. I just wanted it there and then.

The thing is, I have always been a practical being. My brain was not wired to figure out theory of equations, I just wanted to create and do. So I ended up becoming a hairdresser as it fitted the skills I had built in me. I settled in the industry pretty well and enjoyed the social side that came with it too, but 15 years down that road became less challenging. Plus the hours standing started to take its toll on the body. In 2012, at the age of 26, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which is a muscle dysfunction. However, being a positive person I did not let it ruin me. I believe that if you focus enough on the negative, then that will be the way. A positive mind produces a positive outcome. This did lead me to go part time due to the pressure on my muscles. I decided my health was more important than any job.

Having extra time to myself, I rattled my brain for new ideas that could help me gain the extra money I was losing out on. Seemingly as always, starting from scratch appears a dread. Especially if you still don’t have a passion for anything. As time started to tick along, I saw myself thinking just as I did when I was a kid. Questioning; Why is everything so hard? Why is everything so expensive? Why am I bothering?

Age 31, no children, no ties. What do I want in life? I am now back to the discovery stage, without the quick, forced decisions we had to make in our teens that would mould our future. If only we knew back then what we know now, things would certainly be a lot different. It’s the lack of knowledge and awareness that holds us back in life.

I came to a realisation that it is no ones fault they’re not exactly what they wanted to be in life today. It’s the system we’re engrossed in. We are guided to live a certain way and are pressured to have the future laid out in front of us. I took the time to stop and look at the world around me. Then it hit me that this is not the way things should work. There has to be a simpler way to life, and there is. Unfortunately, we were not taught to think this way. I found my purpose by understanding that we have control over how we live. It’s our views and beliefs that create our reality. If we manipulate ourselves into thinking we’re not worthy enough, then eventually that idea becomes engraved into our minds. We simply don’t advance because our negative mindset says NO!

With knowledge I have gathered through self discovery and research from Alan Watts and Gregg Braden about how the human mind works, my passion now is to help and teach others how they too can become their purpose in life.