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Get What You Deserve With The Right Mindset!

Starting anything in life is a challenge we all have to face, no matter what it is there’s a beginning. Imagine stepping out prepared, willing and ready to go? I am going to give you some insight knowledge and tips on how to step out in confidence.

Us humans have the tendency to either give up before trying or dive straight in totally unprepared. This is because we never take the time to get to know ourselves first! THIS IS THE KEY.

Knowing Thyself

Whether you feel it or not there is a shift happening on our planet, this shift is going to help us use our conscious mind more clearly. If you have not yet heard of Gregg Braden he will give you some information worth thinking about HERE

The thoughts we tend to entertain on the most are the ones driving our reality, everything is energy when good or bad! That’s why we have to be careful what we focus on most. Think of your conscious mind as a recording camera and your subconscious as your media file so it has stored up all of the information you have witnessed your entire life. Now with what your mind has learnt it will automatically run off what it knows and roll with it. Take for instant your fears, if you are scared of spiders but do not recall where it started from, your subconscious has all that info and sends warnings of alert because it remembers every detail.

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Fear has the power to hold us back on many opportunities without us realising it we just except it’s not for us and leave it, just a few examples

  • I’m not smart enough for that job
  • He/She is way out my league
  • My opinion is not going to solve anything
  • I don’t have the time for any of this

Our subconscious is designed to protect us from danger but these days we are driven by fear from every angle, by what we see on tv and media or what we read in the paper and online. This has created a huge barrier on what we trust ourselves with everyday.  This mini ARTICLE  gives you more detail on how fear takes a hold of us. 

With all this in mind, just think when it comes down to it, who is the one to make the decisions and choices? It is YOU, you are the driving force of how you see things so it is up to you to change the way you think. 

Tips For Changing Mindset

These awesome tricks will help change the way you live and are guaranteed to improve results. Do these simple mind exercises daily to become more aware of yourself. From the moment you wake up and through the day just say to your mind these things:

  1. I am happy and grateful 
  2. I love myself
  3. Life is beautiful
  4. I am not afraid of anything
  5. I believe in me
  6. I forgive myself 
  7. I forgive others 
  8. I am one with the universe

Even if you do not feel any of these things, the point is to retrain your subconscious with positive thoughts so that you free yourself from all the fear that has been built up over the years. Try it and notice the changes.

To have a healthy mind is important because it helps you to open many doors. It gives you the right confidence to handle situations like failure which is something we all must face at some point in our lives, but with understanding your self-worth you can take these things as a pinch of salt.

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This is what has helped me to go ahead and start my own business with Six Figure Mentors to help other achieve their goals in life, and without having this insight I would have never thought I was capable of succeeding such independence. Coming from a career of 15 years as a hairdresser I thought that this was it for me. Dreams can come true just by having a positive mind and the belief that you can and will do it.

When you have set your mind to a positive state, you start to apply it to everything around you, what it did for me was……

  • Have an idea in my head where i see myself a year later = GOALS
  • Helped me to visualise and believe i will get there = MOTIVATION
  • Be patient = WAS MY MAIN DOWNFALL
  • Fearless and not afraid to fail = BALLSY
  • Start helping others to have the same results = INSPIRE

What will the right mindset help you achieve? Feel free to leave a comment and share this page with others.

I hope this helps you on your journey of becoming the best you can be.

Leanne Grocott

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