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Manifest a life you never thought possible!

How To Manifest A New Life!

If you are anything like I use to be, daydreaming about this, that or the other but always had the same outcome in life, keep in tune so I can tell you how I managed to turn that around for myself, and give you the nudge to turn your visions into reality.

I started my journey on self-awareness march 2018, it was like a switch that went off in my mind, all of a sudden I started questioning everything, all that I knew became a blur which led me to re teach myself what life is about and honestly I can say there is no better teacher than yourself you just need to show up for class.

Patience is defiantly a virtue when it comes to learning anything, it is not easy when we live in a world today that is always on the go, it makes us feel we need to keep up the pace with all the latest upgrades every second, need to have this! need to do that! Arhhh when will this stop? The answer is it stops when you decide you don’t want to be a part of it no more.

When you stop and give yourself a breather your mind somehow works alongside you helping you to have a clearer thinking with your conscience. Through all the learning I began to listen to myself and understand we are designed in a way that we have the power to take control on what we do in our lives. Just imagine every decision you ever made has led you to where you are today by the choice of free will.

Along my path of self discovery I came across inspirational teachers such as Abraham Hicks and Wayne Dyer who talk on how to manifest anything into existence by changing the way you think. Now this was something that sounded too good to be true so of course i had to try it out for myself and to my surprise it had helped me to quit my 15 year job as a hair stylist and start my business with SFM to help others achieve their goals by giving them the boost we all need to take the next steps.

What Is Manifesting And How Does It Work

Take time to really think about what it is you really want from this life and then act on it when you are sure, it is not easy when you have a mind with so much clutter inside. I knew I had a lot of junk I needed to shift, mainly other people’s opinions is what stopped me doing a lot of things but when you start to take yourself seriously all that changes and the focus kicks in. I am a big believer in mind over matter because it has proved to me that our thoughts have control over what we do and remember nothing exists without being a thought first.

Simple Tips To Help You Start Manifesting 

  • Stop and think about you
  • Be patient
  • Be positive
  • Visualise what you want everyday for a few minutes
  • Believe you will follow through
  • Take action towards your goal
  • Have no doubts in mind
  • Know you deserve it

Whether it be a crush you have, a job you desire or a car you always wanted you can have it if you are setting your mind to get just that. Be your own inspiration and pass it on, here are a few success stories to help you believe anything is possible.

Law of Attraction Success Stories: Material Objects

I hope you enjoyed and got a little boost from this post,  feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.

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    1. Leannegrocott1

      Are you spiritually awakened? If so then you wil start to understand how the universe kind of works 🙂

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